The production base covers an area of 20,000㎡.


More than 15 years of CNC technology accumulation.


Professional technical production staff


More than 3000 application cases.

Based on Chinese Current Situation and Future Market

ES Series

ES Series is powered by the servo motors to drive screws and belts directly to achieve high speed up and down, stable repetition accuracy and high efficiency of production.

1.High stability and durability: Imported servo motors making the equipment precise, stable and durable.
2.High accuracy and long life: The lead screws and guide rails are imported C5 grade products with high accuracy, excellent performance and long service life.
3.D axis minimum movement setting unit: 0.005mm.

Based on Chinese Current Situation and Future Market

EHII Series

EHII series press brakes are equipped with a new type of “compound drive system” and powered by a highly sensitive AC servo motor to drive the sliding plate to move at high speed. Greatly improves the bending accuracy, saves power consumption and reduces noise.

1.High-efficiency、high-accuracy、high stability and durability.
2.Low oil temperature, low noise, low energy consumption, greatly reduce the use of hydraulic oil.
3.The multi-axis number of equipment makes the bending more rapid, convenient, safe, labor-saving and handy.

Based on Chinese Current Situation and Future Market

ERmax Series

ERmax Series--DDR Servo Motor Drive

1.Direct drive motor makes the equipment run faster, more accurate and more stable.
2.No hydraulic oil, no reducer, no synchronous pulley belt, lower energy consumption and greater torque.
3.With automatic robot, realizing 24-hour continuous independent production.

Insist on independent R & D Master core technologies

Upgrade Intelligent Manufacturing·Improve Automation Efficiency·Cast the soul of brand

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    Independent research and development

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    R & D ability

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    International quality

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    Service team

Strong production capacity

EKO CNC Technology CO.,Ltd is a comprehensive company integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and after-sales of high-tech environmental protection sheet metal equipment in China. He has successively obtained more than 80 national and industry honorary certificates, including more than 40 invention patents and software works. The company has a modern machining workshop and high-end advanced processing equipment, and has an experienced professional production team. The company has accumulated more than 10 years of experience in the research and development and production of press brakes. EKO brand servo press brakes have an absolute market share and have been regarded as the benchmark brand of press brakes by many people.

Reliable quality·Reasonable design

Application field

EKO CNC and automation solutions have been successfully applied in many fields

Range of application

The products are widely used in medical equipment, communication industry, white goods, power distribution cabinets of distribution boxes and sheet metal parts of various products, and meet the requirements of high precision, high efficiency and diversified processing of various sheet metal industries.

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About EKO

A national high-tech enterprise is specialized in the design, development, manufacture and improvement of sheet metal CNC press brake equipment, including pre-sales and after-sales services

Company Overview

EKO is a high-tech and environmental friendly sheet metal CNC press brake equipment manufacturing enterprise. Its product technology comes from the "blood" of the international industry, which has "EH", "ES"...


Enterprise honor

It is a national high-tech enterprise, a famous trademark in Guangdong Province, an excellent enterprise for innovation and entrepreneurship, and an advanced unit for quality and credibility construction.


Guaranteed quality

There are 20 R&D personnel stationed in the R&D center to carry out design and R&D with different models. Satisfy the needs of customers and developers to develop machinery through new design systems and models.


Service Support

According to customer processing needs, provide customers with the most recommended press brake selection

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